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Fukyiro Pinion

Daytona Beach, Florida, Other / Stateless

· anarchist · self-determination · stateless · designer · builder · consultant · collaborator · artist · planner · joker

Honor Fukyiro

Self determination is the peaceful, internationally recognized political means by which one can 'opt out' of their current Statist subjection, and be free WITH recognition from any State in the world. Self determination pre-empts International laws and no Treaty-making can diminish or interfere with its exercise to choose one's own political status and standing. That means, in accordance with international law, all States are compelled to accept and recognize one's freedom to end citizenship in one State, and join another, OR TO CREATE A SEPARATE NATION WITH IT'S OWN SYSTEM OF SELF GOVERNANCE AND 'LAWS'. By this primary fundamental principle, every Nation and State that exists, has universally been established upon it. As founder of the Society of Invisible Outer-Nationals (SION), a Stateless nation, anyone who seeks to 'opt out' now has a 'place' to come to. We peacefully seek international recognition without subjecting ourselves or the Nation to any foreign rulership.

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