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Land Stewardships

Offered by:
Yiskah Reid

We are offering lifetime leases for those who wish to join a village in the Ozarks region with a plan to transition away from currencies. Together we can accomplish a great deal of progress with the 20 year plan for all of the participants involved. There are multitudes of opportunities for agorism, skills and trades, production of Bio Char, foods and goods like pottery, baskets, leather goods, mushrooms and more. We plan to implement alternative energy with food and energy being freely available for all active contributors within this Ubuntu modeled Village. This is an effort designed to impact the entire Ozarks region. It is not an exclusive endeavor and will require branching out and working with multitudes from surrounding towns and villages. No one will pay your way, you must be responsible for your own incurred costs. This offer is for a free lifetime lease located on an old religious community site for those who wish to participate through active contribution of anything you lov (7 available)
· animal husbandry · farming · organic garden · pottery · permaculture designer · construction · timber frame · underground homes · eco village · commune · ubuntu · community · intentional communities · bio char · wood gasification · tilapia · mushrooms · microbiologist · sheep · dairy cat

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