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How to use this site


Thank you for joining Freeworlder! Please take 2-3 minutes to read these guidelines so you can get the best experience from this site.

First things first, Freeworlder is not a trading platform. You don't have to pay, earn credits, swap or do anything to avail of free offers. All items and skills are offered unconditionally free by our members.

Secondly, we invite you to participate by offering free goods and services as well, so everyone can benefit from using the site.


Registration takes about five minutes and we encourage all new members to add as much information about themselves as possible. This will help you and others get a better experience from the site.

We use your personal information to match you with the listings, activities and people you like. Personal information like birth date, relationship status, etc are never published on the site, but may be used in searches to help you find the things you need.

Profile picture

A profile picture is required to use the site. One of the fundamental objects of Freeworlder is to promote trust and connection between strangers in order to facilitate that unconditional sharing. Adding a profile picture would seem to be one of the best ways to do that.

For example, would you be happy to share your items with someone you've never met, whose image was like this on the left?


iTags (or 'identity tags') are your unique identifying qualities which can describe anything about you or your personal preferences that you think is important. For example, you could iTag yourself as 'doctor, mother, organic, mountain-walking, Elvis Presley, dogs, vegan'. These iTags are used to help you find the people and things you are interested in, while also helping others find you.

iTags should be single words or short phrases up to a maximum of 25 characters each.

User guidelines

All goods and services you offer must be completely free and serviceable. No 'free-with' offers, no conditional offers or broken items please. We encourage all members to try and offer items and services of a high value. Just ask yourself if it's something you would be very happy to receive yourself!

All mechanical items offered should be in good working order - or any faults clearly stated on the ad.

On this site, we have givers and getters! Try and be both. Too much taking without giving is obviously not nice, but too much giving without taking is not nice to you either! Be a giver AND a getter!

Any transactions that require delivery or collection costs are understood to be the responsibility of the beneficiary, or the 'getter', though of course you are free to make your own arrangements. Freeworlder is not involved in the conveyance of goods.

Searching the map

When you open the map, it will show your saved location and all listings and members in your area. To search for something, type in the search box and click 'Search'.

If you are not at your home location, open the search options, click 'Current location' and the map will detect your current location automatically. You can also move the map to any position and search within that area only. To do that, set the search options to 'Current map'.

If you are not logged in, the map will automatically try and detect your current location.

Because we have a large amount of members, all searches are limited to a maximum of 100 member and 100 listing results. You can remove this limit by setting 'Unlimited Results' in the search options, but we would ask you to respect our servers as large searches can slow down the site for other members. If you can't find what you're looking for in the top 100 results, then it's probably not there!

You can perform a strict search of iTags using the 'Search iTags only' feature. The search will then try and match every word in the search box against the saved iTags of members and listings. You can also exclude a word by placing a '-' in front of a word. For example: “computer -apple” would match 'computer', but exclude results containing 'apple'.

Transaction Record

Freeworlder records every transaction that takes place, and every member has a 'gave' and 'got' score. So if Bob gives Mary a set of books, Bob's 'gave' score is increased by 1 and Mary's 'got' score is increased by 1. Your transaction record doesn't affect how you can use the site, but it does help other people make informed choices about who they're dealing with.

The gave and got scores are denoted with a (gave) and a (got) symbol. Each transaction has equal value in terms of a gave or got score. Whether you give someone a pen or a sports car, it only counts as one transaction.

A new transaction is created every time a member responds to a listing. The transaction must then be agreed by the person listing, and then confirmed as delivered by the beneficiary. Once confirmed, both members' gave and got scores are incremented accordingly.

Example 1: An item offer

If the listing is a request for an item or service, the person offering to grant the request must confirm that they will grant - or have already granted - the request.

Example 2: A service request

To initiate a transaction, just send a reply to a listing from the listing page. (NB. If you contact the person by private message through their profile page, your transaction will not be recorded) A transaction may be cancelled at any stage before final confirmation if either member decides not to proceed. Notifications of pending actions appear on the search page and in the messages section.


Freeworlder uses HonorPay as a way for members to demonstrate gratitude and appreciation to other members if they choose. When you register, we'll create an HonorPay account for you. If you already have an account under the same email address, then we'll link it to your Freeworlder account.

On profiles, a member's Honor score is denoted by a . You can Honor another member at any time by clicking on the HonorPay link on their profile page. Note: You can only award one Honor per week. HonorPay is an independent service which you can also use on other sites and HonorPay itself.


Because our site is completely free to use, yet we still have considerable costs to pay for ongoing maintenance and upkeep, we have introduced a Patronage system to help cover our running costs.

We have chosen patronage as the fairest system, where those who can afford to support a small monthly contribution can help keep the site open for those who can't, without a huge financial burden on themselves. If you would like to become a patron and can afford to support a monthly amount from €2 upwards a month, just click anywhere you see the symbol.

Spam and profile reporting

To tackle spam or inappropriate listings, you can report a listing. If you see an ad that appears to be direct selling, commercial advertising, hate speech, defamation, or content otherwise irrelevant to the purpose of transacting free goods or services, please report it and a moderator will investigate. Click on the 'Report spam' link at the top of the listing.

If you believe another member is behaving unfairly or abusing the site, you can report them by clicking on the 'Report' link and an admin will investigate. All reports are treated in strict confidence.


We do not publish sensitive personal information on the site like birth date, relationship status, street address, email or telephone number. What is publicly visible is your profile picture, name, city, region, country and any listings you may have posted.

So, why?

Thank you for reading this through. In case you're wondering why are we doing all this? A free service - for free things? The reason is simple. We want to build a free world prototype – a system based on sharing and compassion that frees people from economic servitude.

What may seem impossible today – a world without money – may be possible in the near future when millions of people begin engaging in small acts of sharing. Some day we hope to prove that we can not just sustain our society this way, but can improve our social value system and bring an end to injustice and reckless environmental destruction forever.

Our first milestone is 1,000,000 acts of sharing, starting now. Please post an ad today and help us make it happen.