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Please note, the share offer described here expires on August 13, 2017.

We are creating the world's largest free sharing network to connect free people, skills and things everywhere - and we need financial help to build and maintain it.

Since we are effectively a startup and require considerable funds to get up and running, we have decided to offer shares in Freeworlder for a limited time to all donors. (9.4% is still available)


Total amount raised so far: €7,539 (98 backers)

Why become an owner?

A free-sharing network is obviously a great tool for getting people into the sharing mindset - and will always be free to use - so you may be wondering how it can be a commercial enterprise?

Well, actually it can in a number of ways that would also help us maintain a high quality service:

  1. We could offer premium listings for companies who offer promotional freebies.
  2. We could offer premium listings to socially responsible companies who offer items or services of particular interest to our members.
  3. The site may be purchased by a larger network at a later date.

Why use money?

Creating this free-sharing system through money is (ironically) the most efficient way of bringing this into being. Developers are tied to their jobs and other financial commitments; servers and promotion costs money. Maintaining a site of this complexity requires financial support, and if we can give something back in terms of value for your donation, then we are more than happy to do so.

We need funds to maintain the site, pay for servers and promotion, so we're releasing a percentage value of the platform for all funding donors. All donations from €25 upwards will be allocated a pro rata share value of 0.001% per Euro donated, assuming an initial 'company' valuation of €100,000.*

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(Payments are processed in Euro)

* Donations will only be converted to shares if/when the platform becomes a business entity, either for re-sale or to engage in normal commercial activity. All donors will be notified when this comes into effect. Of course, as with any investment, no return is guaranteed, so only donate / invest what you can afford.