Help us build the Freeworlder network!

We are building a prototype free community – in the cloud! is soon to become a social network to enable contact, local meetups and the free sharing of goods and skills for Freeworlders everywhere!


This is a really exciting project and we need YOUR help to make it happen. We need to raise a minimum of €3000 Euro to fund the development and running costs and get the site ready for launch this May 2017! Please help us build this amazing prototype free community and let’s organise!

Please support the development and costs of building the Freeworlder Network platform with a donation.

Make a one-off contribution

Make a monthly contribution*

Payments can be made in any currency and are automatically converted to Euro. * Monthly donations are not subject to any minimum term and may be cancelled at any time from your Paypal dashboard.
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30 thoughts on “Help us build the Freeworlder network!

  1. Hi there! I’m a big fan of the free world charter and I was wondering if you already know about yunity. It’s basically the same thing you are doing, a multi-saving and sharing platform for sharing skills, items, food, transportation, spaces, ecc.
    There are already a lot of people involved like designers, developers, translators, ecc. Check out and let me know what you think, maybe we can do something together! 🙂 cheers

    • Hi Andrei, I am aware of Yunity. It’s been on my radar for a while, but am I right in thinking it is still in development? I checked into the site and it looks like they are still looking for helpers? This site/ idea has been around for approx three years, has it not? Would love to hear an update.

  2. Yes it’s still in development and we’re always looking for help, you can join us at
    A bunch of people kind of gave up since they want to use money for the whole development process and they created (they’re also doing the same project). I think it’s more like 2 years, you should ask on Slack! By the way let’s keep in touch there 🙂

  3. Hello, this is Mark Hutchinson from Canada. Their is funding being provided to improve the pollution and standard of living for everyone. I am writing a proposal and would like to include your project about what can be done please email me at

  4. This is Herbert from Austria,
    freeworlder network is a good idea that I love to support. I only suggest to omit the music in the video – it is simply confusing, especially for non-native-speakers.

      • You may be looking at the content of the Ubuntu site rather than the frame of how the Coeo site works. If you are starting with a blank canvas it can be made to do whatever you need. I suggested it as it sounds like it ticks many if not all of the boxes Colin is looking to achieve with his site.

  5. Hi, I would like to donate a different amount than offered by the process, so could you please publish the required date for money transfer (account nr, IBAN etc.)
    Many thanks

  6. I think if several movements with same goal fuse into a stronger one, this could support a more solid and vital start than here a little, there a little. But be aware, there are always bandits lurking as well!

    • Very true Olaf. There are approximately over 250,000 grassroot movement organisations to date. Every organisation is doing their own little bit in their own area of specialty but if we fused the whole lot together, imagine what a force we would be to reckon with!
      I love the idea of the Freeworlder website but maybe the other websites doing similar things should unite under the one banner. I think that everyone should put their differences aside and just do it now, rather than later.

  7. Hi Colin,

    Are you looking for any non-programming help with this? Some friends and I tried to create something similar a few years ago. What we worked on can be found at

    Though it didn’t come together due to lack of support, I’m happy to see your efforts coming together. Please let me know if you could use some assistance.

  8. Hi Colin,

    This is VERY exciting! I’m a signer of the Charter and I’m about to donate but I’m wondering if you have considered keeping our full names private somehow?

    I really don’t like my name, info, or anything about me popping up in search engines every time I do anything on the net. Is it possible to protect our names making them only availible to other members somehow?

    Thanks, Ted.

  9. I can’t seem to find the login to my profile so i can add a photo.. it wouldn’t upload last time i tried.. is there a login somewhere? i tried typing in my email via the registration page but it didn’t do anything.. help!

  10. I am having trouble with the site!
    I posted 2 listings and they are in the wrong location.
    I edited my account multiple time but it keeps the same incorrect info and it wont change to what i put in as my correct location ect.
    Can you help?

  11. Hi!
    Is there a place where any open source code you have developed/are using is stored? Be good to see it all on github if not.

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