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We're building a prototype free community - in the cloud!

The Freeworlder Network is coming

To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.

—the famous words of R. Buckminster Fuller - and that's exactly what we're doing! is about to become the world's largest free-sharing platform, where members share their items, knowledge and talents freely with other members. Think of it like eBay or Fiverr – but without the money part!

It's a Transaction Network

Freeworlder is a global, map-based searchable database of free goods and services offered by its members. There is no trade or credit system, and it's free to use. Everything is offered without condition. If you have something to offer, offer it, if you find something you need, it's yours!

It's a Meeting Place

It's not just a directory of free items - but of free minded people too!

Using our unique iTag system, you can use Freeworlder to search for any other member on the map according to their skills, preferences or lifestyle. This makes it a unique and powerful tool that can be used not just to find skills, but for finding project collaborators, meet amazing neighbours you never knew you had, make new friends, or even dating!

The possibilities are endless - and we're only getting started!

Can you help?

This is a really exciting project and we need YOUR help to make it happen. The site is still in development and we need to secure funding to complete implementation and ongoing cloud server costs from the initial site launch this Summer.

Please help us create this amazing prototype free community with a donation if you can, and let's begin?

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