Welcome Freeworlder!

CRT-promo1-CROP-FIX-BWHello there, and welcome to what I hope you will find a very interesting site. If you are human and have a pulse, then you are going to find stuff here that concerns you!

My name is Colin Turner, the founder of Freeworlder.com. This site is an informational blog site, which, hopefully, is going to help enlighten you, me and others towards envisioning a world beyond the conventional limits of border, trade and money.

Here you will find articles and videos from a variety of different authors, all generally relating to an Open Economy and the improvement of our civilisation.

I think we live in really exciting times. We are changing rapidly as a species – leaving behind our reckless adolescent ways, gaining wisdom, and evolving into responsible custodians of our wonderful shared home.

The free world awaits us. It’s just a decision away.

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