Building The World’s Largest Free Sharing Network

I’m delighted to announce that The Free World Charter is about to come of age – and is set to become one of the world’s largest free sharing network platforms this Summer!

Since creating the Charter in 2011, lots has changed. Calls for a more compassionate, environmentally-aware society are now a common part of mainstream conversation. The ‘end of capitalism’ is a hotly trending topic and many writers and philosophers have been busy putting out their stalls, brimful with alternative ideas.

In short, I think many, if not most people are now becoming aware that the way we operate our society is coming to a natural end. I don’t think anyone is in doubt that the world of our grandchildren will be vastly different to the world we know today. Aside from anything else, the children of today seem to be getting smarter and smarter, so their future society will never allow itself to be subjugated through ignorance as we were.

But something else has changed. Those of us who have been discussing the topic of a moneyless future have grown tired of the conversation. Words are cheap and action is hard – but made even harder because it’s not always clear what we can do to help bring about this change – aside from talking about it. Also, many of us are heavily anchored down in the monetary system with bills, mortgages and regular commitments that are not so easy to shake off.

In the last few years, it has become apparent to me that if we are serious about creating a world without trade and money, then there are indeed ways that we can take action to manifest that today. If we are serious about sharing global resources, helping each other unconditionally, and making the most of technology to create a world of abundance, then there is no reason why we cannot begin those forms of sharing today – even if only in a small way.

Maybe today, we can only afford to share small things like some old books, a raincoat, or half an hour of our skill-time, but if all those small acts multiply in their millions and people begin to feel the benefits personally, confidence in that sharing ethos will grow. Soon we will begin to see larger, more valuable items and skills being offered and received.

We already have the technology to create the free world. What we don’t have is the habit of sharing unconditionally. We have lost that art in our highly individualised world, where we learn to compete from elementary school level. So, it’s time for some retraining, and the signatories of the Free World Charter looks to me like an ideal place to begin.

Using our existing signatory base of almost 60,000 people worldwide, we are planning to create the world’s largest free sharing network to facilitate the unconditional exchange of goods, skills and knowledge. will not be a social network like Facebook or Twitter, full of endless discussion, pictures and videos. Our network will primarily be a search, find and transact utility, where all members, items and skills are placed on a searchable map and indexed according to an innovative ‘iTag’ system.

The idea is to connect people with the people, skills and things that they want to connect with, in an environment where good intentions and trust are already pre-requisite among users.

Way back in 2011, FWC began with the war-cry ‘Let’s Make Everything Free‘. Now we are going to put those words into action.

The site is expected to launch this May, with pre-registrations open on March 1st. In the meantime, we a have created a pretty cool landing page which I think you will like, and we invite you to support our efforts financially with a donation if you can, which will help us enormously.

Thank you.

Please support the development and costs of building the Freeworlder Network platform with a donation.

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Colin R. Turner is a writer, broadcaster and founder of The Free World Charter, an initiative which proposes an alternative society beyond the use of money.

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