HonorPay – The Open Awards Network

HonorHonorPay is an open awards system based around a virtual currency called an ‘Honor’.

An Honor is a simple token of appreciation that you can award to anyone, for any reason. It has no intrinsic value, and can only be used once.

It is an expression of gratitude and appreciation whose purpose is solely to inspire, spread positivity, build trust and reputations beyond conventional means of reward.

Why Honor someone?

Because appreciation matters.

In fact, once basic survival needs are met, appreciation is the de facto currency of our species.

To appreciate someone and to feel appreciated is what motivates us the most. Usually we demonstrate our appreciation through a gift or payment, but this is not always easy or appropriate. HonorPay seeks to encapsulate this “currency of appreciation” and make it free for all to use in a public, meaningful way.

HonorPay is now online and free to use. Join here.


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Colin R. Turner is a writer, broadcaster and founder of The Free World Charter, an initiative which proposes an alternative society beyond the use of money.

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2 thoughts on “HonorPay – The Open Awards Network

  1. Hello Colin
    I am a computer programmer, and am fascinated with simulations. I think one great idea would be to create a simulation or computer game where people can pretend to be part of a free economy. This would allow people to try it and learn about it risk free. Human behavior and social structures, and components thereof would be an integral part of this game. (promises / contracts, expectation, communication, suggestions and proposals, declarations of support and other things, responsibilities, obligations rights and priviliges, etc). And of course resources and production processes.

    email me if you’re interested!

    • I’d really enjoy that. I’m not a programmer or coder but could help with the social narrative. Currently, our system is based on punishing the non-cooperative; I believe an open economy must consist of rewards to encourage cooperation. Reward would thus be an integral part of playing the game, while simultaneously not creating another class-based stratification whereby the most enthusiastic players end up with more benefits than non-players (eg the most loyal of communists under Stalin had countryside holiday-homes).

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