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The Free World Charter

A charter of ten basic principles for operating a fairer, freer and sustainable society for the benefit of all species and future generations.

The Open Economy

The future of human society is an open, sharing collaborative, fuelled by the individual desire to excel, and the understanding of community.

Community Sharing Circles

Find out how you can 'Be The Change' and bring the principles of the Open Economy into your community today.

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Building The World’s Largest Free Sharing Network

I’m delighted to announce that The Free World Charter is about to come of age –...

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Recently I began to examine my own activist efforts and found myself asking these questio...

Why I’m Binning Online Activism

Many will know me as a tireless online campaigner for a more equitable and sustainable fut...

The Lady On The Run

Yesterday, I saw the movie of Alan Bennett’s ‘The Lady in the Van’ which is a beaut...

Download our Free Promotional Flyer

So a few of us put our heads together and came up with this simple double-sided A4 flyer ...

Life In The Open Economy

The open economy, or freeworld, isn’t just an idea – it exists. Ten years ago, I gave ...

The Open Economy – Part 4: The Transition [VIDEO]

The final part in the four-part series. Colin discusses transition. How do we get there? S...

The Open Economy – Part 3: The Practicalities [VIDEO]

Getting into the day-to-day practicalities of living in an Open Economy. Who does what? Ho...

The Open Economy – Part 2: The Solution [VIDEO]

Part Two in the video series “The Open Economy”, where Colin discusses the Op...

The Open Economy – Part 1: The Problems [VIDEO]

Part One in the video serialisation of the book Into The Open Economy, where Colin R. Tu...

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