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The Free World Charter

A charter of ten basic principles for operating a fairer, freer and sustainable society for the benefit of all species and future generations.

The Open Economy

The future of human society is an open, sharing collaborative, fuelled by the individual desire to excel, and the understanding of community.

Community Sharing Circles

Find out how you can 'Be The Change' and bring the principles of the Open Economy into your community today.

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The biggest conundrum facing many Free World advocates, and indeed any activists, is how t...

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The Open Economy

Open Economy is the formal name given to a society that operates on the fundamentals of fr...

Four Reasons We Are About To Evolve Beyond Money

1. It’s Feasible Because technology can – and already does – most of the...

The Mechanics Of A Free Society

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The Six-Part Puzzle Between You and the Free World.

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A Penny For Your Thoughts?

Imagine you are going out for the evening to meet three of your best friends – all g...

Dear Invisible Friends

I’m breaking up with my invisible friends. Of course, it’s always right and pr...

The Living Tree – A Childrens’ Charter

“The Living Tree” is a colour poster adaptation of the Free World Charter for...

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